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According to Max Weber (1946), a state is a human community that controls the appropriate use of force and power within its jurisdiction. It is an independent political element with consolidated government that has authority and power to collect taxes, impose decrees, and enforce laws to its citizens and communities. How does the state enforce its laws and orders?​
Chemistry . 1 year ago
The state enforces its laws and orders primarily through the police, courts, and other legal systems. In most countries, the police are responsible for enforcing laws and apprehending criminals. Courts decide the guilt or innocence of those accused of breaking the law and hand down appropriate sente... View complete answer
What are the 3 Cosmic Phases and its elements?​
Chemistry . 1 year ago
The universe is comprised of three crucial cosmic phases: Creation, Preservation, and Destruction. Creation involves the formation of new matter and energy within the universe, while Preservation pertains to maintaining the existing balance. Lastly, Destruction involves the return of matter and ener... View complete answer